Yottaram creates software that is well designed, skillfully implemented, and thoroughly usable. We have a penchant for simple, elegant design and common sense.

We specialize in building applications for early-stage startups and micro business entrepreneurs, guiding founders through the development process from design through implementation, launch, seeking funding, and building a technology team.

Here are some of our recent projects:

Path For Life Self Nourishment

We worked with We Are How to build a subscription-based health and wellness web course and resource center.

Users subscribe using the Stripe Payments API and can complete the 18-week wellness program through sequential and timed steps. Subscribers receive recipes, premium blog posts, and other resources.

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Laravel, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, Stripe Payments

Paired Air

We worked with Paired Air to solve the problem of inneficient redistribution channels for delivering goods and medication to recipients in developing nations.

Paired Air allows ordinary travellers destined for these nations to connect with non-profit organization shippers and carry these goods and medication in their suitcases. Through a thorough vetting process, both shippers and couriers are reviewed, connected, and shipments executed.

Laravel, MySQL, Beanstalkd, Mandrill

Motionry Marketplace

We worked with Motionry to design and build a search engine and marketplace for matching sustainable technology seekers with innovators.

Innovators and seekers go through an approval process for this private service. Innovators upload information about their innovations, which are curated and placed into a search index, allowing them to be found and contacted by seekers.

Laravel, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, Sphinx Search

IndustRAY Job Insights

We worked with IndustRAY to build a system for scraping job sites and extracting common skill keywords shared by similar job positions.

We also developed a Bayesian-like natural language processing algorithm for classifying job postings as being related to a particular experience level, such as junior, mid-senior, and director.

Together, this data is fed into informative visual reports illustrating skills and experience levels being sought across industries for specific job positions.

Laravel, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, Bayesian Analysis, LinkedIn API, SimplyHired API

Additional work:

JFW Memorial Fund

Musical therapy memorial fund site and donation checkout (Laravel, BackboneJS)

We Are How

We Are How portfolio site (Laravel)


Clinical mood tracking app (Android/iOS/Web)

Animetrics FaceR

Facial recognition API (CodeIgniter)